Cabin BBQ Sauce

This recipe came out of three years of visiting various family cabins in Southern Humboldt County, and inevitably having a barbecue at some point during the course of a weekend. I'd offer to make up a sauce, and would pretty much go through the pantry and see what was available for spices. Nine times out of ten, they were spices from the last visit we'd made up there. With a few beers being open and a bottle of Jack sitting on the table, this recipe was hatched.

Over the years it's evolved, and I've come to discover, when at someone's house where there isn't any Jack Daniels, but only fancier bourbon, that substituting a good bourbon, or even a nice single malt scotch, can really add something extra to the sauce. Not much of a surprise, really, in that your better bourbons and single malts are peaty, which definitely enhances the hickory taste of the Liquid Smoke.

For 6


4 T Vegetable Oil
Splash Soy Sauce
Splash Teriyaki Sauce
5 Drops Tabasco
4 t Chili Powder
4 t Black Pepper
2 t Salt
1½ Cups Ketchup
2 T Brown Sugar
1 t Ground Ginger
4 t Liquid Smoke
1 T Beer (Porter)
¾ Cup Jack Daniels


Combine all ingredients in a bowl and whisk together until thoroughly mixed. Pour over chicken, steak, pork, or tofu (if you must), and let marinate for at least a half hour. Turn the barbeque on to medium heat, and be sure to flip whatever you're barbequing a few times, basting with the excess sauce each time.

Providing you haven't marinated anything in it, this sauce will keep in the fridge for about a month, thanks to all the booze in it.

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